Conga PLayback

I have Sibelius 5 with VDL 2.5 on my HP G60 Notebook PC. When I input notes for the conga to play in any situation, the playback does not play what I have written. It only decides to play back a couple of the notes but not all of them in the measure. Say I input sixteenth notes throughout the whole measure; the playback will decide to only play the E's and the A's, or any other combination instead of the actual part. This happens ONLY with conga not any other instrument so hopefully it is easy to fix.
Thank you
Which template are you using?
The free template I downloaded from tapspace
Which one?

Here are my assumptions of what your setup looks like:
[li]Virtual Drumline library version 2.5.0[/li]
[li]Sibelius 5.2.5[/li]
[li]VDL Template 5.2[/li]

Which sound set do you have applied in your Playback Configuration?
VDL SoundSet 5.2
And you [i]are[/i] using VDL Template 5.2?
Yes, VDL 2.5 Template and Sound Set for Sibelius 5.2 is what I am using.
Sorry for the confusion.
Send me the file and I'll take a look. (I sent you a PM to know where to send it.)

Also, please attach a screen shot of you Playback Configuration so I can attempt to duplicate the environment.

[quote author=iplaydrums333]
I forgot to mention that the conga part also has bongos on the same staff. I switched the instruments back in forth which normally works when I do that with other instruments. The conga playback is always messed up regardless if the player is playing another instrument as well so that should not be the problem.

Hi Chris

With what you have in the file you sent me, everything played back as I would have expected it to - including all the instrument changes back and forth. And based on the noteheads on the staff, both the Congas and Bongos triggered correctly too. [i]And[/i], I didn't see any errant Sibelius-added noteheads in either of those mappings.

The only other thing I can think of right now is you might not have enough instances of KP2 in your Playback Configuration, but that's only if you're pushing more than 32 total VDL instruments in the score.

Short of you making a video recording of the exact behavior you're seeing/hearing, I'm not sure how much more help I can be. Oh, try starting out with a fresh copy of the template and see if it does the same thing.

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