Sibelius 6 freezes changing sound sets

Info:  Windows Vista, Sibelius 6, Kontakt Player 2, VDL 2.5

I have been using VDL with Sib 6 for over a year with no problems at all.  I have 3 configurations:  16 sounds, 32 sounds, 48 sounds.  When I switch to 16 sounds, all is well.  When I try to go to 32 or 48 sounds, the Kontakt sounds go through their loading process, then at the end the playback devices dialogue vanishes and I the cursor goes into think mode (the spinning thing) forever.  I have to force shut it down via control/alt/delete.  One of my scores uses the 48 sounds configuration, and when I open it directly, it asks if I want to change to 48 sounds.  I click ok and the exact same thing happens.

Thanks - Paul Lorigan
The first thing I'd try is to go into your Sibelius users folder and delete the configurations. If you're not sure which ones, delete them all. Then after you've started Sibelius, rebuild them.

User folder: C:\Users\[i]your username[/i]\AppData\Roaming\Sibelius Software\Sibelius 6
That worked at first.  I rebuilt the configurations, and I was able to switch between them.  However, as soon as I tried opening my score with the 48 sound configuration, it stopped responding.  If I open the score with the Sibelius sound configuration (in other words, when it asks me if I want to switch to 48 sounds and I say no)it comes up fine.

- Paul
Now it's back to not being able to switch.  I can go to 16 sounds, but not 32 or 48.

- Paul
Exactly which version of VDL are you using? You may also want to consider using [url=]KP4[/url] instead of KP2.
I'm using VDL 2.5 and 6.0b template

This is the first time I have had any problems with it...

- Paul
Did you make any changes to your system?
Not really.  I have not installed any new programs for a long time.  Some things have been updated.  My Norton security updated recently, plus ITunes/Quicktime and Real Player have updated.  Windows has updated several times, including IE9.

By the way, I tried creating a new score with the 16 sounds configuration tonight and it crashed.  Before, I had just tried switching configurations, but not adding any staves, and I was able to switch from Sibelius sounds to 16 with no problem (but not 32 or 48).  When I tried add about a dozen staves tonight, it just froze.

- Paul
Just to add to my above post:

I tried making a score with just one staff with the 16 sounds config and it worked fine.  As soon as I added a 2nd staff it crashed, right after it loaded the sounds.

- Paul
Hi Paul

It sounds like your system [i]has[/i] changed. Those kinds of things shouldn't affect programs like that, but you're running Windows, so you never know.

Anyway, it's starting to look like more than just playback configuration problems in that the Sibelius install may have become corrupted. Try reinstalling Sibelius and see what that does.

Hmm, there may also be a problem with Kontakt Player - with the sound loading part. Have you installed KP4 yet? I posted the link above. Regardless of the actual cause, I recommend you run KP4 instead of KP2.

If none of the above gets you going, you may need to escalate the troubleshooting to Sibelius.


I am going to try installing KP4 first and see what happens.  I think the problem may be KP2.  I tried KP in stand alone mode and it freezes when I try to change VDL sounds, much the same way Sibelius is freezing when I change configs, or try to add a new VDL staff.

I dread having to reinstall Sibelius though.

- Paul

Deleting KP2 and installing KP4 did the trick.  I was able to make a new score, and open my old one with the 48 sounds.

Thanks for the help - Paul
Cool! Glad to see you got it going.
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