Getting the bass clef of the synth to change sounds

I'm trying to change synth sounds (I'm running Kontakt 5 via Sibelius 6) and when I do an instrument change, it works great for the treble clef, but not the bass. I cannot figure out how to get the bass clef of the synth to change to the correct sound (which would be the same as the treble clef). Does that make sense? Any suggestions?

That's actually not what I was suggesting, although it would appear to have the same effect. Should you actually wish to write for two different instruments for two hands, however (say your keyboard player needs to play mounted triangle with one hand but keep the keyboard going with the other) checking what you indicated might backfire.

Here's a step-by-step for what I am suggesting:\
- Highlight a measure of the instrument that is misbehaving.
- Click on House Style > Edit Instrument
- Click the ";Edit Instrument..."; button
- You will see a warning that you are editing an instrument that is currently in use. Click the ";Yes"; button.
- In the new window that pops up you will see a ";Notation Options"; section on the left. ";Pitched"; should be selected for ";Type of staff";. Change the ";Number of staves"; to 2.
- Press the ";OK"; button.
- Press the ";Close"; button.

NOTE: instructions are for Sibelius 6.2 and proper steps may differ slightly in other versions.
Hi Andrew,

See the attached image. It's something you need to change in Preferences > Playback. Hope this helps.
How exactly do I do that?
I encountered this problem recently. You need to edit the instrument to which you want to change. Tell Sibelius to use 2 staves for this instrument instead of one. Once I did that, I could get instrument changes on my synth / piano staves to play back properly.
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