Audio file from Finale sounds bad with VDL

I am achieving amazing playback sound with VDL after watching the demystified dvd, however when I export the audio file to iTunes, it sounds horrible. It sounds like it is clipping a lot in the audio file. How can I fix this?

I have Audacity and Soundflower but unsure how to work those programs.
Mike, I'm glad to hear that you're having some success after going through the tutorials. You might just need to lower the Master gain level or just lower the levels of the instruments across the board in Sibelius. You'll find that one of the biggest culprits with regards to clipping is supercharged bass or just really boomy impacts. Reducing those a bit might also help with the overall mix of your recordings.

Getting those few things a little more dialed in would be a great place to start. The interesting thing about working in any audio program is that going beyond unity (or ";clipping";, is it is commonly known)  can happen without you being completely aware of how it will affect a mixed down version of what you're hearing in your playback.

That being said, start with those two things I mentioned above and I think you'll start to achieve a better results. Hope this helps!
Hi Bryan,

I am using Finale 2012, and in the audio units and bank effects tab I turned down bank 1- which had Native Instruments: Kontakt 4 in it- all the way down to about 60, and I turned down the master volume to about 60 as well. I also turned down all the instruments in the score manager to 90. I exported a new audio file and this worked perfectly! Thank you for your help.

I am achieving absolutely amazing sounds after watching your demystified video. I think the biggest thing that helped me was learning how to adjust the velocities. I went through my entire piece and changed every single velocity of every single note to match the velocity I wanted. I am extremely impressed by the results I am getting!

There is just one little problem I am still having. I have watched your tutorials on how to change instruments, but I am still unsuccessful with that. The biggest issue I am having is getting the instruments to playback successfully  in Finale with the instrument change I have it assigned to with the channels in Kontakt 4. Any way you could help me with that?

Thanks again!
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