The Blue Book

I have a simple question! I want to know which solos from The Blue Book are in the Texas PML list.  I need to know because I purchased the book to hand out to my students.  Please help if anyone knows.
Hi Drumart -

If you're not already doing this, please be sure each one of your students is purchasing [i]their own copy[/i] of [url=]The Blue Book[/url].

[url=]You can see a full listing of Texas PML selections here.[/url]
Hi Jim,

I am making them purchase their own copy of The Blue Book.  I still have an issue that you might want to check.  I have typed the titles of the solos on the Texas PML and still have not been able to register my students on those particular solos because they don't appear. 


Hi Jim,

This is the link to the Texas UIL Prescribed Music List.  The titles to the solos don't appear either by their title or the Composer name.  If I type the publisher, all I get are the ones that had been added in previous years.

Thanks again,

Hi Drumart,

Yes - for some reason, UIL hasn't yet updated their website to reflect newly added solos. We've received confirmation from the head of the percussion committee that these solos are on the list. We haven't yet heard on when they'll be updating the online list - if you're feeling feisty, it might be worth contacting them to be sure. If you do, be sure to let them know the titles I listed were added on the last round of updates (around February/TMEA time).
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