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Sorry for posting this in two places - the downloads forum looks pretty dead, so I figured I'd try it in here as well. I'm trying to get through VDL Demystified and set up VDL (finally). However, I'm having issues with the videos. At least the first three under General Introduction (Intro to Computer Audio, VDL Overview, and Kontakt Player Tour) only show a black screen when I click on them. This doesn't happen with any other videos, only those three. Any ideas?

Also, the specific issue that I need those videos to resolve - when I try to set up the template under Playback Devices, I don't see Kontakt Player 2 as an available device. In case my disk is just broken, how do I make it available?
You have to specify where your VST folder is under Playback Devices - Audio Engine Options - Folders...

There are often 2 different locations because 32-bit will be under something like ";C:\Program Files [b](x86)[/b]\Vstplugins..."; and the 64-bit will be under something like ";C:\Program Files\Vstplugins";  so make sure you choose the correct folder depending on if you're using 32/64-bit version of Sibelius.

I think some of the DVDs had a few missing files and they can be downloaded.
I actually figured out why Kontakt Player wasn't working (I had to use 5 with Sibelius 7.1). Still having troubles loading the sounds... from what I can tell, I missed a step installing the template.
Where did you place the sound set XML file?
It's in [user name]>Library>Application Support>Avid>Sibelius 7>Sounds
That is the correct location on a Mac OS, so you should be good there. The sound set file is the only file that needs to be ";installed"; from the template package. From there, follow the instructions in Appendix C, or create new projects directly from the VDL_Template_7.0a.sib file itself.

Of course, the above won't matter much unless the rest of the setup is correct. Please attach a screen shot of your Playback Configuration.

Oh, are you able to load the sounds when using KP5 in stand alone mode?
Sorry for the trouble with your VDL Demystified disk. There's a posting about this [url=https://www.tapspace.com/forums/index.php?topic=4176.0]here[/url] that should help:
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