Prime Ordinals has no delay

I followed the instructions given to install the software on my MacBook Pro. (and re-installed several times)

I am using the M-Audio FastTrack Pro as my IO.

There is normal playback through the outputs, and the routing seems to be appropriate (click on outputs 3&4 only) but there is absolutely zero delay effect in any channel.


Please and thank you in advance,

Hi Dan. I've never heard of anyone having this problem before. Just to be sure, have you copied the Prime Ordinals software player to your hard drive? In other words, you're not trying to run it from the actual CD, right?

There isn't an installer for this - so, I'm not sure what you mean when you say you've reinstalled it several times. That shouldn't be necessary. In fact, it's not possible since there's no installer. All you need to do is drag the Mac folder to your hard drive, eject the disk, then run the software player from your hard drive.

There are delay settings within the player. Have you experimented with the settings on those at all?
The issue was with the drivers for the FastTrack Pro. Once I fixed that, everything works great! Thanks for the quick reply.

Glad to hear it Dan. Hope you have a great performance!
Hi Jim,
I can't seem to get the click through my headphones.  I get the accompaniment track and the djembe through them, but no matter how high up I turn the click setting on the Prime Ordinals player, I hear no click.  I'm using a Focusrite Scarlett 6i6.

Mike Hardin
Hi Mike,

Which outputs to you have feeding your headphones? Be sure they're not using the main outs (outputs 1 & 2) as those are meant for the house speakers. Check the instructions under [b]Audio Interface Routing[/b] where you'll see that headphones should be monitored from outputs 3 & 4.
Hey Jim,
Thanks for the quick reply!  I have my head phones plugged into outputs 3 & 4 per the instructions, and have closed and rebooted the Prime Ordinals player multiple times.  I've attached a picture of what I have going on on the back of my I/O.  The headphone 1/4"; adapters plug into outputs 3 & 4, and my headphone extension is plugged into the single female 1/8"; end of the adapters.  The speaker cables are plugged into outputs 1 & 2.  Is there something I'm missing?
You may need to configure these outputs in the device's driver settings. Did you install any specific FocusRite drivers or do any configuring in your Audio settings? In there, you may need to tell your system which outputs correspond to the devices physical outputs. Check the FocusRite documentation to check into how to route your software outputs to your physical hardware outputs and hopefully that'll help you get it configured accordingly.
I didn't change any of the existing routing when I installed the Focusrite drivers (which I think installed automatically).  I don't think the outputs are incorrectly routed, as I can hear both the djembe feedback and the accompaniment in my monitors.  One thing I hadn't thought of before were the rhythmic clicks and cues... is this the click track?  Is the click track supposed to be a steady click in the monitors throughout the entire piece, or is it the various clicks and cues?
Actually, after attempting to turn the click track all the way down, and still hearing various clicks, I understand those are part of the tape, and not the actual click track...
What you hear on the Prime Ordinals ";listen"; tab is what the audience should be hearing (audio, delay feedback, and djembe performance) through the house speakers (outputs 1 & 2). Some of the delay/audio have very rhythmic qualities so hopefully you weren't mistaking those for click track elements. I'm not sure I'm following you.

What you hear on the monitor tracks (outputs 3 & 4) would be the audio track, your djembe monitor (with delay), as well as a click track to perform along with.

Can you share a screenshot of the output routing setup for your audio driver? According to their [url=]product page[/url], this would be the Scarlett MixControl.
Absolutely!  I attached the photo.  I didn't think I needed to do anything in MixControl because I thought that the Prime Ordinals player routes everything the way it needs to be, so I just opened it a cropped a screenshot.  I also no longer hear anything in my monitors at all...

Thank you for your patience!
Also, here is a picture of the adapter I have plugged into Outputs 3 & 4; I'm concerned it may just be bad, since before I at least heard the track and delay feedback without the click.  Now I hear nothing.
Hi Mike,

Sorry for falling off this thread. I guess without having my hands on your system it's hard to know what to suggest. I'm crossing my fingers you were able to get things sorted out though. Any luck?
Hey Jim,
No worries!  I'm going to take the Scarlett 6i6 over to a friends' house this week and plug it in to their sound system, as well as install the prime ordinals player on their computer and see if it makes any difference.  All in all, I think I maybe just be dealing with a bad transmitter (Star Wars joke... a bad interface).  If the interface is faulty I'm going to return it via warranty.  In the meantime, I'm not giving up hope and I'm not giving up rehearsal!  That soundscape track with the click you included on the CD is proving very helpful right now.  I'm giving a performance of it April 3rd in Somerville, MA with my chamber sextet.  I'll be sure to keep you in the loop on my progress!

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