Website Issue

Hi guys,

I'm trying to log in to the store and I forgot my password.  When I click on the password reset link, it takes me here...

When I try to enter my information or click submit, it takes me here...

Anyway, it's not letting me submit my information to get my password reminder sent to me!  Oh and if someone can email me my password to the store too, that would be swell.

I was able to recover my password, but that issue appears in multiple areas, including submitting feedback/contact forums.
Either someone fixed the issue or it's just present in Chrome.
Hi Chris,

Sorry for the late response here. That issue was created when we were tending to another separate issue. Fun stuff...

As far as we can tell, we were able to resolve the problem, but I didn't realize it was showing different behaviors in different browsers. Can you confirm that everything's behaving as it should? If there's something lingering that we've missed, we definitely need to look into it.

Thanks for keeping an eye out. We appreciate it!
All good!
Great. Thanks for letting us know!
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