Finale VDL Template Help

I am running Finale 2012c and VDL 2.5 but i need the VDL Template.  I found this: but it says its for 2012a...will this work with my 2012c? sorry im really new to all of this stuff. Is there a difference between a,b,and c? and if the url that i posted wont work with my finale, where can i get the template that WILL work?

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The most current template available from The Write Score will work with Finale 2012. The ";a, b, c"; indicates an update to Finale and a corresponding update to the templates. Any version of Finale 2012 will work with the 2012 templates. It is important to understand that these templates (2012) include all instruments for VDL 2.5.5, the most recent version. If you are using an older version of VDL, the templates will still work. You will however see instruments that are not be available in older versions of VDL.
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