Latency and Basses

Hi, I've been searching through the FAQs here and the instruction manuals recently and it seems that my Sibelius instruments are playing dirty (i.e. buzz rolls sound like double strokes and double strokes not being even) due to a latency problem. I'm not sure how to change it on Kontakt. I know where the window is and everything, but it won't let me change it (right now it is set on 20). I'm attaching a screenshot to illustrate the problem.

Also, our line has 6 basses but the template for Sibelius 7.1 only seems to have 5 in each instrument. Is there a way to solve that as well?

Sorry if some of these questions seem rather elementary to you. I'm not good with coding and the like.

I'm using:
Sibelius 7.1.3
VDL 2.5
Kontakt 5
Sibelius 7.1a template

It appears you are using a sound card that doesn't have ASIO capability. This is the case with almost every PC-based laptop and most PC desktops (i.e. anything non-Apple). To help with the latency you can install ASIO4All (google it). I use this myself on my laptop and it works very well. You will have the ability to adjust latency with ASIO4All.

Why do you say the template only ha five basses? The standard instrument has 6 basses (the 4 spaces on the staff as well as the space below the staff and the space above the staff). There is also a 10-bass instrument that has mappings on lines and spaces. See the attached screenshot from the VDL Maps file showing 6 bass pitches.
Thanks for the response!

I googled it and downloaded the first option and it appeared in the place of WASAPI in the first box. I can adjust the latency now, but when I have it at 1.9 ms, it sounds the same as if it is a 20.0 ms. Every third beat of this open roll I put in seems to collapse in on itself (it sounds fine most of the time other than occasional ";hiccups"; with the sound). Is it still a latency problem (that I'm not just fixing correctly) or should I be trying to fix something else? (I've tried rebooting the computer and restarting both Kontakt and Sibelius but that doesn't seem to help either). Could it be a problem with the computer's processing speed?

I'm attaching the map from the 7.1a template I bought from There are 3 different bass drum instruments. One with the bass above the staff and the spaces, another with the bass below and the spaces, and one with the lines of the staff. I can only play unison rolls and it doesn't really utilize any of the recorded sounds from the VDL library. I haven't upgraded my VDL library to the 2.5.5 version but I'm not sure if that's really the issue.

I forgot to add this in the other post (if it is needed): I am using a Windows 7 laptop

UPDATED: I fixed the dirty roll by adjusting Sibelius' latency rather than VDL, but the buzz rolls still don't sound like buzzes. They're almost like triple strokes.
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