Sibelius/ VDL playback issues.

So I have been using Sibelius and VDL for a while on an old computer. Just got a new one and re installed everything the way I believe is the right way but My vibes, xylo, snare and quads wont make a sound. I was wondering if anyone had any tips? Really need to get writing again asap..


Hi Tommy,

You probably won't get much help without some specifics of how you've configured your setup, whether you're using a template, and any other pertinent configuration options like operating system, version of kontakt, version of VDL, version of Sibelius, etc.

For starters, I'd check by loading those instruments into Kontakt Player in standalone mode and try clicking the onscreen keyboard with your mouse. If you hear sound, your VDL is installed properly, and your issue revolves more around how you've configured your various components.

If you're using a template from The Write Score, it may be a configuration problem and you should review the documentation that came with it. If you get stuck, you can contact them at

If your issue is specific to VDL, you can also fill out a [url=]support ticket[/url] here on the Tapspace site.

Thanks for getting back to me on such short notice. I am currently running VDL 2.5 through Sibelius 6 and just installed the VDL template 7.0. I moved Kontakt into my sounds file and all that so under playback devices it says that it is active.I am also operating on Windows 8? Not sure if that changes anything but I feel like something about what I am using is not lining up..

One more thing.. I am sure you are familiar with those boxes that pop up after setting up your score. The ones that have the instrument name and the download bar so you can literally see each instrument and all of their sounds being loaded onto the score.. I can see that the vibes are not loading because those boxes remain blank the entire time.. ?? Hope that rings some bells..
If you're using Sibelius 6, you should be using Kontakt 2 or 4. In your playback devices area in Sibelius, it's very important you've selected the correct sound set for any instances of Kontakt you've loaded. This can be confusing, because if you're using a Write Score template, you should NOT use the soundset called ";Virtual Drumline 2.5."; That's the one built into Sibelius, but it won't work properly with the template. Instead, you should use the Write Score's VDL sound set named ";VDL Soundset 7.0a"; (for example). If you're not seeing it there, you haven't placed it into the ";Sounds"; folder. There are specific instructions about this in the documentation that came with your VDL Template from The Write Score.
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