Vibraphone Control

Hey all, I just stumbled across this old forum topic on vibraphone pedaling and control:

While I've been giving my vibe playback some level of control and realism over the years, this series of posts opened my eyes to a whole new world of vibraphone detail that I've been missing out on (using the [b]Vibraphone (PED)[/b] instrument). I knew some of this had to be possible, but I've been too lazy to dig it up and spend the time on it, I suppose. But if you're serious about your playback realism, whether in a notation program or a DAW, make sure you read this topic. Jim has even included a couple helpful video demos in there.

That's all. Just wanted to express my excitement for this new realization and make sure others were aware of this helpful information.
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Glad you're getting into this, Brian. It's definitely an underused, but super-powerful feature of the VDL vibraphones. It's what I use for anything I'm mocking up where pedaling/realism are important.
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