VDL/Finale Volume Issues

So i was fooling around with finale finally got VDL to work running as a plug-in instead of stand-alone and i love it.  NO CHOPPINESS (...yet...we'll see lol)! But anyways, the playback is great but the volumes are all super jacked up on all the instruments.  But when i look at the slider bars for each instrument in Finale and in Kontakt, they are all the same.  For example, the marimbas and battery are almost non-existent while the chimes are !!BLARING!! and the rest is all at a random medium-ish volume.  Yet the volume sliders are all at the same spot: in the middle.  So i go to adjust them and press play for the playback and all the volumes reset back to their messed up settings. How do i fix this?

-Thanks a lot guys! I'm really learning a lot about these programs from all of you! :)
It's possible you're using an older version of the VDL library that wasn't optimized for Kontakt 3 or higher. If you haven't already, I'd highly recommend upgrading to VDL library version 2.5.5.

The other thing you may want to be aware of (again, depending on the library version of VDL you're using), is that there is a folder for ";Finale Specific Instruments."; Basically, this is the entire VDL library, but formatted with higher volume outputs to accommodate the way Finale sets its volumes. It's best to use all instruments from this collection, or all instruments from the root level, but not both. That way you can be certain you're hearing uniform outputs from patch to patch.

If you're using an older version of VDL 2.5, you may not see the Finale Specific Instruments.
Thanks! I'll update soon!:)
Another thing to check is make sure that your KP2 (or 4 or 5) instruments are not being controlled by Finale.  In each instrument loaded into your player, there is a small buttong with a gear on it in the upper lefthand corner.  Click on that and I think its the third item down, uncheck the box that says (doing this from memory) ";control by host"; or something very similar to that.  You have to (unfortunatlely) do this for every instrument but once done, you won't have to do it again for that score (or that multi if you save it as a user multi).  This lets you have control of the volume levels at the instrument level in your KP.  You still can increase overall volume in Finale (by bank or master).  But Finale will not alter your changes to volume in KP.

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