Edits to Template Not Playing Correctly

My vitals:
Sibelius 7.1.2
VDL 2.5.5
Kontakt (using as plug in)
Write Score VDL SoundSet 7.0a
Mac OSX 10.6.8

I have been struggling with adapting the Rack Combo A and B to fit the needs of a score I am working on. For example, I need Agogo-bells. I have loaded the instrument in Kontakt, created new notes in the edit instrument panel, ensured they are unique, and specified the sound. I have the combo selected to be played for that instrument in the mixer. I have tried creating a new instrument based on the rack combo, but get the same results. I need a number of instruments that are not in these combos (claves, ganza, log drums, shekere, djembe) and I see them and can select them as a sound for a notehead, but they do not play correctly. When I added claves, I get a temple block sound. For agogo bells, I get a brake drum sound for the low pitch and wind chimes for the high pitch.

I've tried everything I can think of over the last week, and scoured the forum as best I can. I apologize if there is an answer somewhere in there, but I have been unable to locate it.

Thanks for any and all help!
Hi Chris. Here's what I see.

Playback Configuration: Mac users are encouraged to use the AU version of the Kontakt Player plugin. Double check that ALL instances of KP/VDL have the correct sound set assigned. (See attached image.)

The score you sent me only required two instances of VDL, though it may be a good idea to have 3 for this score in case you add more.

The Drumset is one of Sibelius' default instruments. Not sure if you meant to use the drumset from VDL or not.

In bar 97, on beats 2 and 3 of the Shekere, notehead 5 is applied - this instrument does not have anything assigned to that notehead. I was able to change notes to notehead 21 without problems. Are you typing the '2' and '1' quickly? If too much time is between them, Sibelius will think only the last one was meant.

In bar 55 of Perc 4, the staff text of ";l.v."; at the end of the cymbal roll should be canceled so that other tied notes later on that staff release properly. Can use staff text of ";non-l.v."; to do so.

Nothing else in the score/file is raising a flag for me (there weren't any corrupted mappings). Instead of trying to ";fix"; that existing Playback Configuration, I'd trash it and create a new one with the updated guidelines I mentioned above.

Let me know how you get on.

Once again it's Hugh to the rescue! Thanks so much. I did not know about the necessity to be using the AU version - I guess this is what fixed it. I think I'm going to actually be able to finish now. Thank you so much!
Sibelius only allows sounds from one patch to be defined per instrument. Not knowing exactly what you want to do, [b]Instrument Changes[/b] may be the best way to go.
Thanks, Hugh!

Your advice was a big help. Putting in instrument changes has worked fantastically, except log drums. For some reason they play as mounted tambourine.

Thanks again,
You're welcome, Chris.

The first idea that comes to mind for the log drums is that you may not have enough instances of Kontakt Player available in your Playback Configuration. If that's not it, we'll need more information.

Once again you're a miracle worker, Hugh! I added another instance of Kontakt and it has made the log drums work. In terms of instances of Kontakt, originally I had four, and now I'm up to nine. This is partially because I have a new problem, and since adding another instance worked for the log drums, I tried adding more for this newest issue. Here it is: I had an instrument change from Rack Combo B to Shekere, which was playing fantastically with a bass tone and finger taps (R and L). I was about to call the project done with a last listen, and the shekere sounds had changed and were not correct anymore. They don't sound correct in the score OR in the edit instrument panel, and a mysterious side effect is when I try to edit the notehead in the score with ";alt/shift 21"; for example, it will change to ";1"; rather than ";21."; I have tried deleting everything and re-entering, quitting Sibelius and opening the file back up, changing playback configuration and then back again, restarting my computer, deleting and re-loading the shekere in the Kotakt panel under manual sound sets, and adding a new, fresh Rack Combo B line . . . all without success.
Hmm... With all that's going on in your score, a mapping could have become corrupted (Sibelius induced). Send me the file and I'll take a look. (Sent you a PM.)

Please attach a screen shot of your Playback Configuration.
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