Note Input


I am having trouble with inputting notes into Sibelius with my MIDI device.  The notes that display on Sibelius after entering them are delayed.  For example, if I play four notes (F A C E), I will hear those pitches but only (A C E) will actually appear on the score.  Another example would be if I played (C D E F) but the notes appear as (D E F).  Could someone help me with this ";delay input"; issue?

-Sibelius 7
-Macbook Pro OSX 10.8.3
-MIDI Device-Pianist Pro App on iPad (Yes I even tried using my old M-Audio Key Studio keyboard and the same issue still occurs)

Thank you for your help!
What happens if you try just using the computer keyboard to input the pitches? Without knowing more, it sounds like you're having I/O issues with your MIDI controller input device. If it does turn out to be a I/O issue, you can always try zapping your NVRAM a few times to see if that clears something out.



Thank you for your reply.  I am now using my computer's keyboard to input pitches.  The app kept going in and out of working properly.  I appreciate it!

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