VDL 2.5.5 Installed over the weekend---not working

Hey Everyone!  I installed VDL over the weekend and have been trouble-shooting nonstop. 

1)  My unpitched sounds are not what they are supposed to be as per the ";Keymaps"; in the User's Manual.  Take for instance the sounds from the ";SnareLine Manual (MW)";; I have 7 rim sounds (all in a row), 4 different ";dut"; sounds, 10 cymbal sounds, and most of the keys don't make a sound at all. 

2)  The pitched keyboard sounds are working great.

3)  Some of the steps I was instructed to take during the installation from the manual were not options for me.  For example, in step #1 (From Finale 2006 or Higher) I was able to locate [b]KontaktPlayer2.dll.[/b], however I was unable to find this path C:\Program Files\Finale\FinaleVST.
The Finale VST folder wasn't there.  Somehow, some of the sounds have made it into Finale.

I'm lost and frustrated.  After countless hours of scouring trouble-shooting forums and Youtube videos, I'm cooked.  Any insight would be wonderful.
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First off, if you're using VDL library version 2.5.5, you should probably be using Kontakt 4 or 5. Library version 2.5.5 won't actually operate at all in Kontakt Player 2, so there might be some confusion there. Here's a link to where you can download the latest version of Kontakt for free:

Once Kontakt is installed, you will need to copy the Kontakt5.dll file into Finale's VST folder. Depending on your version of Windows, or your version of Finale, this location may differ. There's a listing of these locations at this FAQ:

It sounds like you're quoting instructions (From Finale 2006 or Higher) from an older version of VDL, so that may have been part of the confusion. Are you certain you're on library version 2.5.5?

If your VDL installation isn't right, it's possible that the sounds you are hearing may be from Finale's built-in ";VDLite"; patches. Anything Finale- or template-related should be directed to either MakeMusic or The Write Score and they'll likely have some more tangible suggestions about integration in those products.
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