Finale music is zoomed out in PDF form


Anyway you could help me this problem? In the below pictured attached, you can see the measures are zoomed out and I can't seem to have the instrument name left to the staves to fit. I was messing around with the resize tool and somehow zoomed out the measures but am unable to undo the action.
This appears to be a combination of problems from both the resize and layout tools. Without the actual file, it's difficult to provide any other assistance.
Hi Ted,

Thanks for your help. Anyway you could help me with the left side of the staves not fitting in the PDF pages? I have been trying to figure this out for months.

Use the following tools:

1. Document > Edit Part (this will open a dialog box allowing you to select individual parts, then edit them accordingly

2. Document > Manage Parts (allows you to define layouts globally for all parts, change part names, etc.)

3. once an individual part is open use the Layout Tool to adjust margins

4. Selection Tool (to move measures to a specific line or to set the number of measures per line for the open part)
Hi Ted,

This fixed all of my problems, thanks so much!!!!!

Glad to here the issue has been resolved. All of these things are covered in both the Finale Help Guide and the tutorials. I strongly suggest you take some time to review these.
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