Notating (and Playback): Hi-Hat Rolls

Notating a Drumset part:

I want to notate (and have a correct, more realistic playback) of a Hi-Hat roll:
- the ";standard way to notate the roll (with slashes) makes the playback too 'choppy' sounding.

My work around is using the trill line for the roll (and a loose HiHat MIDI message [hh4 and up]); hide the trill line, and add slashes as a symbol -

Specs: Mac 10.8.3; VDL 2.5.5; Sibelius 7 (using Sibelius 7 Template); VDL Drumset (Manual)

Is there an alternative way to notate Hi-Hat roll in the 'standard' way - and have a more realistic playback?

Thanks in advance,
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If you're using slashes, it's ideal to use a single slash so the note the slash appears on only plays back as a double-stroke.

For example, rather than a quarter note with 3 slashes, instead, write four 16th notes each with a single slash. On paper, they're both 9-stroke rolls, but the way Sibelius interprets them is going to be different.
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