TG Tools is amazing- thank you Bryan Harmsen

So after over 6 months of dedicated hours with the demystified DVD, I have made a breakthrough in my flam and diddle playback. Thank you Bryan Harmsen for the lessons on the DVD! I am learning that the best overall playback is with the HP off and using the TG tools for the diddles. I was trying to find out how to adjust the MIDI velocities with the measures assigned by the TG tools, and figured out that since it is in layer 4 you have to switch to that, then view the hidden percussion notes to adjust it. This worked perfectly! This also solves the problem about cheeses and any advanced flam-diddle passage (Assuming you adjust the EDUs). The cheese/flam playback is amazing and realistic! I also realized that the sounds of the instruments play back louder without HP on!
I'm glad that Demystified has provided a little but of help on your quest for VDL mastery. Keep up the good work!
Thanks Bryan! I am trying to work on mastering the cheese sound with the flam. I noticed that the flam tends to somewhat dissappear with the flam, but never the less, it is in time and sounds good for now.

I know this is not the Finale forum, but I have been trying to use your MIDI velocity tips with whole note for wind instruments. Any tips on how to maximize the velocity of a whole note with a Fp expression?

In other words, is there anyway to change the velocity of a whole note from volume ";A"; to ";B"; to ";C"; using the MIDI velocity function?
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