Keyrig 49 vs. MicroKey

I have used the Oxygen8 for years -- but I want a keyboard with 3 octaves at least -- it seems that on the surface, the main difference in looking at the Keyrig 49 vs MicroKey is that the Keyrig has more octaves; but I'm wondering why the MicroKey, with one less octave, is the same price? Does it have some kind of performance that is better than the Keyrig?

Thanks for your input!!

Jeremy Vest
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The MicroKey is considerably smaller than the Keyrig 49. The dimensions and weight of the MK are listed on the product page ([url=][/url]); however it doesn't look like we have them listed for the Keyrig unfortunately. I've made a note to tend to this, so thanks for helping bring this to our attention!

I'd guess-timate that the Keyrig is about 25���30% larger and heavier than the MK. Plus, the MK is also a 2-USB hub. Korg seems to also be a slightly more expensive brand for these sorts of things anyway.

Hope this helps!
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