Random volume change after crescendo

I am using Finale 2012 and VDL 2.5.5 and adjusted the TG tools to play back diddles with no HP.

After adjusting the MIDI velocities for accents and unaccented notes, I entered a crescendo and all of a sudden after the crescendo all of my notes playback a lot louder then the notes before the crescendo. How do I fix this?
Are you saying all of the notes now play back louder or notes after the crescendo is finished are louder than the notes prior to the start of the crescendo. If the latter, that is the function of a crescendo, to increase volume. You would need to reduce the volume/velocity to return it to whatever level you want musically. If the former, I'd look for an errant midi message.
Yes I am talking about the former. The accents after the crescendo are louder than the accents before the crescendo. I set all the accents to 124 in the MIDI velocities section. Same thing for the unaccented notes.
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