Kontakt settings in Sib 7

Hello, I have a question concerning my settings I've set up in my Kontakt instance.  When I setup my routing and aux channels in Kontakt, it will not save if I close down the project and reopen it.  I'll my volume, plug-ins, panning, etc are all gone!  I've noticed in Sib's preference - playback - midi messages and Kontakt & kontakt player, there are check boxes concerning a few things.  Does anyone know how to proceed? Should I uncheck this settings? 

I'll probably do it and see what happens, I just thought I'd put this on here incase anyone else is going through this as well.

I hope this made sense.
Also, in Kontakt, for each specific sample, I go into edit mode and then uncheck ";Accept Standard Controllers for Volume and Pan";.  Those settings also are lost when I close and reopen.
I'm not certain about this - you'd probably have to check with the Avid people. But I think this is an unfortunate side-effect of Sibelius's auto load 'Soundworld' feature. While it's pretty slick in a lot of ways, it constantly shuffles your loaded patches based on any instrument changes you add or remove to your score. As these patches are shuffled, they're essentially being re-loaded every time, thus negating any customizations you've made within the Kontakt interface.

To get around this, you may have to abandon the 'auto load' thing, and look into using 'manual sound sets' instead. Doing it this way, I think you'd load things the old fashioned way (manually), then assign midi channels and such via the Mixer window.
Thanks Jim, I'm definitely looking for a better work flow when working in Sibelius.  I normally have my DAW setup in the mix and sync it all up but I don't use it when writing marching charts for mock ups.  and....onward!
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