Xylo playing random roll

I am entering xylo notes with a KORG nanoKEY2, and every time I enter xylo notes it enters as a roll. When I press the MOD button on the nanoKEY2, the roll goes away when I enter the note. But, when I play it back, the roll is back. How do I fix this?
Its probably not entirely random.  Check to see if you have an expression entered into the xylo staff that sets the Mod Wheel value for rolls at some point prior to where you are entering your new notes.  You probably just need to put in a new expression to reset the Mod Wheel value to regular strokes.  Your keyboard Mod Wheel has no bearing on entry.

Sibelius or Finale? If it's Sibelius, did you start writing in a Xylophone staff that was already there form a wind score? If so, you need to add a Xylo staff from the VDL instrument family and write into that. That issue arises when trying to write on a Xylo staff from the stock Sibelius instruments.
Hi Bryan,

I'm working in Finale 2012. Now the probably is happening with my marimba parts! When I am entering notes on my nanokey2 and press ";MOD,"; the roll goes away but comes back randomly.
I still haven't been able to fix this issue. Any help?
You've probably got an errant midi message for the mod wheel setting. Or the mod wheel is stuck on the nanokey.
Thanks for the reply. So how would I fix that?
So I looked at the VDL manual and it says 96-127 are rolls. Am I stuck in this? How do I get to 0-32- regular strokes? What do these numbers mean? The manual keeps referring to these numbers and other ones like CC1... what does that mean?

I also looked into the MW value of the mallet instruments that are playing the random rolls, and it says ";control playing techniques with MW."; and sometimes says ";regular strokes0-32."; It changes throughout the piece. How do I get it where it just stays on ";regular strokes 0-32' ?
Somewhere on your xylophone staff you have text that is causing Sibelius to move the virtual mod wheel for the xylo instrument (this has nothing to do with moving the physical mod wheel on your keyboard). Examine your staff text to see what might be causing this by uncheking the ";play on pass"; checkbox for pass 1 for text and seeing if the problem goes away. If you identify the errant text we can probably explain what exactly is happening.
I am using Finale.
Would it have to do with copying a wind instrument part onto a mallet instrument measure? I think that might be it but not sure.
That is a possibility. Especially if there were/are any hidden mod wheel messages in the part. Use the MIDI Tool to look for those in the xylo part.
I think the problem was occurring because I was copying and pasting parts from other non percussion instruments. It seems to be fine for now when I don't copy and paste.
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