Can't find 32 bit version of kontakt5.dll

I'm using Finale 2012 on a PC with Windows 7, Kontakt player 5, and VDL 2.5 and am trying to get Kontakt to show up as an additional VST so I can use VDL sounds.

-I am receiving the prompt ";The plugin failed validation.  It will remain ignored."; when I try to activate my Kontakt5.dll plugin which shows up in the ";inactive plugins"; column under Midi/audio>device setup>manage VST plugin

-I loaded the 64 bit version of the Kontakt.dll file into C:\Users\[your account]\AppData*\Roaming\MakeMusic\Finale 201x\VST Support, which I found in C:\Programs\Native Instruments\Kontakt Player x\VSTPlugins.

-In reading I have realized that I am likely getting this prompt because I am using the 64 bit version and not the 32 bit version of the Kontakt.dll file.  This is definitely the case, as the name of the folder I'm pulling the .dll file from is called ";VSTPlugins 64 bit";.

-I cannot find the location of the 32 bit file.  According the the specs of Kontakt (I downloaded Kontakt 5 from there website today) both are included in the download.  Where would the 32 bit version of the file be sent?  Anyone have any ideas why this file isn't clearly visible when I navigate through Kontakt's program files.

-Hope this is enough information to describe the problem.  Any thoughts would be appreciated.  Thanks.
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Update on this.  I discovered that I am running the 64 bit version of Windows 7, the Finale 2012 I'm using is 64 bit compatible, and I'm uploading the 64 bit .dll file.  I think the problem may be a result of something else, yet it still exists.
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