Tenor Volume

I finally have everything working well in my template except that I don't know how to adjust the tenor line volume.  Without dynamics written I can barely hear the tenor line.  How do I adjust it to where the tenor section is automatically louder by default?  I have tried to adjust this in Kontakt 5 (volume slider) but it doesn't apply to the template.

Windows 7
Finale 2011
VDL 2.5.2 update
Kontakt 5
TWS outdoor template


Are you using the Finale specific sounds from the VDL Library. These are in the full VDL, not the VDL sounds included with Finale.
I believe so.  In Instrument List the Perc MIDI Map setting is on VDL Tenor Line Manual.  I have the TenorLine Manual MW KS loaded and assigned to the correct channel.


What Ted means is that, if you own the full version of VDL, there are a complete group of instruments called ";Finale Specific Instruments."; These are the same as the other instruments, but they are all a good deal louder by default. Please be sure that you are using/assigning these instruments, rather than the normal ones.
Wow! It works! Thank you!

I need to go back and reassign all instruments to Finale specific and readjust volumes but the sound quality and volume issues are MUCH better. 

Thanks again for all the help!

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