So, I'm attempting to configure VDL 2.5.5 with Sib. 7.1.3 and Kontakt 5.

I wasn't having much luck so I decided to reinstall VDL.  When I went to uninstall, the computer told me VDL 2.5 was missing or already uninstalled, which of course I don't remember ever doing! 

Question:  When I downloaded 2.5.5 did it uninstall everything else or should I just insert the installation DVD and start over? 

Naturally, I'm past a deadline and am trying pretty hard to catch up!

Thanks in advance for any help.

Windows 7
Hi Kent,

Did you buy the 2.5.5 [i]updater[/i] or did you buy VDL 2.5.5 in full on DVD? You mention that you downloaded 2.5.5, but then later talk about an installation DVD. Neither version is going to uninstall anything, so if you have VDL files missing, they probably have been inadvertently moved or deleted manually.

If you have an older box DVD version of VDL 2.5 and have recently purchased the 2.5.5 update, you will need both things in order to fully install. You'll use the installer from the update, but will need to manually move files from your original DVD as well. The installation instructions cover this.

If you just have the full 2.5.5 version via DVD or download, you have all you need there. Simply follow the instructions in the ";Start Here"; file that came with the download (or on the DVD).

If I'm missing your point, feel free to elaborate with more specific details.
Thanks Murray.

I have the old 2.5 and did the 2.5.5 updater.  I'll reinstall 2.5 and go from there.  Thanks for the help!

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