Applecare stole my VDL?

Hi, recently I sent my computer off to be fixed at applecare. Upon return I noticed my registry license was offset with my Sibelius 7. After giving them a call and fixing that, I began trying to work on a score that I had with VDL sounds and there was no VDL playing back. I tried switching the config to VDL but VDL was not in there. =/ Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I'm running a Mac with OSX 10.8.4 if that helps..

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I'm not sure what exactly you mean. Are you talking about your VDL library no longer being installed, or are you talking about the Sibelius Sound Set not appearing any more. If it's the latter, you'll probably just need to reinstall the sound set per the instructions that came with your template from [url=]The Write Score[/url].
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