Exporting Finale MIDI to Logic Question

Hey everyone,

I know how to successfully export MIDI from Finale into Logic, however is there a way to have the tracks in Logic say the name of the instrument as opposed to ";Native Instruments:Kontakt 5"; etc, so that it is easier to assign the tracks to the appropriate MIDI channel so it plays back to the correct instrument in the Kontakt player? It is taking me a long time to play the MIDI files with the incorrect playback and assign it to the correct channel in the Kontakt player.

I'm not sure about this. I've run into it before and would be curious to know if there's a better way. As far as I can tell, the resulting track naming in Logic is a result of how Finale exports the MIDI tracks. This isn't a problem in Sibelius, but Finale seems to default to the device rather than the staff name which is not very helpful.
It's a Finale bug.
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