VLS sounds stop playing after short amount of time

All - Stumped here.  I am using VDL 2.5 with Sib 7 on an Imac.  After a few minutes (5-10) for no rhyme or reason the VDL sounds stop playing.  Sib sounds play fine but the VDL sounds go inactive and the only thing I can do to get them to play again is to quit Sib and restart.  This problem also occurs if the file is left open for 5-10 minute with no work being done on the file.  I'm stumped.  Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


Without knowing any details about your system or how you've set it up, my first suggestion would be to ensure you've installed all the latest maintenance updates (for Sibelius 7.1.3, Kontakt 5.2, and VDL 2.5.5).
Is VDL registered on your machine? If it isn't, that may be what's causing the sounds to stop playing.
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