Can I disable sample rotation?

I'm playing my Sibelius files back using VDL and Kontakt Player. Is it possible for me to disable ";round-robin sample rotation"; or similar features, so the same note at the same dynamic will play exactly the same sample every time, rather than being ";humanized";? I already have everything set to Meccanico in Sibelius, but the Cymbal Line All instrument alternates between two slightly different samples for the Unison Hi-Hat Choke note, and I would prefer that the notes all sound the same. Thanks for any advice!
This isn't currently an option. If it's really important for you, a workaround would be to enter a hidden note into your score (between the two notes you want to hear), or perhaps even a hidden grace note, then set it to a velocity of ";1"; (so it's essentially inaudible). Not a very elegant solution, but then again, most people prefer the round robins.
OK, thanks for the info.
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