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  I've been going through computers and/or hard drives rather quickly this past year, I never have more than two computers and I always delete VDL when going from one machine to another, but I don't want to get in trouble with my VDL licenses. Is there a way to deactivate VDL on a computer before installing on another?

    NI says that service center automatically handles that, but I had a situation earlier this year where it wouldn't register anymore and Jim had to bail me out. Is there like a hidden number of times you can authorize or is there in fact a deauthorize button somewhere in service center? (i can't seem to find one)
There's not an actual ";deauthorize"; button in Service Center unfortunately. But you can effectively deactivate VDL by following these instructions:

Once you've done that, I'd suggest snapping a screenshot of the Service Center screen that reveals your System ID (this helps identify which system) and the deactivated status. If you run into any problems with your serial number not playing nice, you can always submit a [url=]support ticket[/url]. We try to be quick about tending to these.

I currently have my copy of VDL installed on Computer 1 and Computer 2. I am preparing to move one of the VDL installs from Computer 2 to Computer 3. I anticipate that I will at some point in the next few months want to deauthorize the new install on Computer 3 and reauthorize on Computer 2.

I plan to carry out the following steps:
1. Deauthorize the VDL install on Computer 2 per the steps in this thread.
2. Install VDL on Computer 3 from my VDL 2.5 DVD and then update to 2.5.5 from my downloaded file.
3. Authorize VDL on Computer 3 using NI Service Center.

Is this correct? Also, once I've done that can I effectively move back to using VDL on Computer 2 by deauthorizing on Computer 3 and then reauthorizing on Computer 2?
Hi Joe,

Sorry for the late reply here.

Deactivating and reactivating isn't something the NI Service Center system is very well equipped to handle and it'll probably require some manual intervention via the Tapspace [url=]support ticket[/url] system.

To make the process as smooth as possible, upon deactivating, I recommend taking a screenshot of Service Center which reveals the System ID and deactivated status. If you can hang onto those screenshots and include them with your support ticket (if needed), it'll help streamline the process.

It's important that any of the machines you're activating your serial on are only useable by you (per the single-user license), and that you're limited to two of your own machines. It sounds like you already understand this, but I'm just reiterating it here for anyone else reading.

Thanks for checking in about this!
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