Solo stick click?

Does VDL have a sample of a solo stick click, i.e. one person clicking a pair of sticks together? I found a solo stick snap (sticks in) sample, but I couldn't find a solo stick click.
Do you need the sound, or are you just looking to get your notation correct? For certain snareline mappings that exist on the default space but not on the solo line (such as pingshots) I have on occasion written the note I wanted for playback, hidden it, and then made the notation look correct. If this is your problem for this click you could do something similar.
Thanks Joe. I'm looking to find an actual sound of a single player doing a stick click, to be audibly different from the sound of a whole snare line clicking their sticks. But I'm not finding such a sample in the SnareLine or Snare Solo instruments (or the Tenor instruments, either). I don't know if I'm overlooking it somewhere, or maybe it's been suggested as a future addition to VDL?
I was looking at an older version of the VDL 2.5 Keymaps and believe it or not, they don't show a stick click sound for either the solo mylar or kevlar snare instruments.  The snare section instrument does have a stick click sample.  I was a little surprised by this so you may want to check the documentation for the VDL 2.5.5 update to see if it was added.  I believe the keymaps I am referring to are 2.5.2. 

Indeed, I think this was an oversight when we were recording. I don't think we have a solo stick click in there!
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