RH/LH hits and Missings Sounds Message?

on my snare staff, It doesn't give me both RH and LH options. It gives me LH on I think the C space and then RH is on the A space rather than being right next to each other like it is on the tenor and bass staff.

My next issue is when I load in the sounds Finale says that I am missing sounds and something about Kontakt 4? I have Finale 2012, Kontakt 5, and VDL 2.5 (i did the direct download so it should be the updated 2.5.5) and I am using TheWriteScore.com Templates....
First, I would suggest reviewing both the Finale Help Guide and the Read Me file included in the templates package. There is a good deal of helpful information in both documents. Make certain you've installed all files into the correct locations and that the Finale preferences are looking in those locations. Next, check the Score Manager window. Verify that you are using your version of Kontakt and that the correct Percussion MIDI Maps and Layouts have been selected.
If you're using Kontakt 5, but you're getting an error message stating something about Kontakt 4, it may indicate that you're using a score conforming to someone else's audio setup. Is this a score that you're collaborating on with other people? If so, it's ideal if you guys are on the same platform (Mac or PC), and are using the same versions of Kontakt. If you're not, you'll need to load instances of Kontakt 5 into Finale's audio/midi area, then load in all your VDL instruments manually - preferably so that your MIDI channels are in alignment with what's set up in the score manager.
Okay, thank you for the advice. I went and read the readme file again which didn't fix the problem how ever it did inspire me to look around and finale at the new things for 2012 and as I was looking at the ScoreManager/snareline/Percussion settings, for some reason it was set on bassline instead of snareline. My original thought was to go in and manually change the perc. layout. Then I noticed it.

Hopefully this will help other readers!
Thanks Jim and all the those at Tapspace and TheWriteScore. VDL2.5 Sounds great!
Sounds like you've solved the problem. Which template file were you using? The Default file may have been left set at one of the Bass Drums. Since the Default template is intended to be customized, it would take some Score Manager set up to function correctly.
I was using the Ensemble Template. I opened a new one and it was still set to bassline. I guess I just have to go in a fix that every time.
Thanks for letting me know. Rather than 'fixing' it every time you open a new template file, fix it once then Save As with the same name. If you're on a Mac, save the file into the same template folder. It can be a .mus file. With Windows, you will need to Save As a template file, .ftm I think. Again, just save it to the same template folder location with the same name and replace when prompted.
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