New Staff Setup in Finale 2011

I'm using Finale 2011 with VDL 2.5.2 and what I believe is the most recent template (3 years old or so). I'm trying to setup a staff for the 14"; djembe. I made a basic new staff, picked percussion clef, and the 14"; djembe from notation style. It's not displaying correctly. Furthermore, in the notation style dialog, where it shows the map, it doesn't look like the map is even correct. Most of the notes are mapped to the top staff line, and some strange symbols are shown.

What else am I missing? I haven't done a new staff like this in a while.

Since you are using Finale 20111, you will need to get the 2011 templates available from The Write Score. Tapspace is no longer providing templates.

The mapping issue should be solved by going to the Instrument List and selecting the MIDI map for the new instrument. The 'strange symbols' problem may be related or may be a font issue. I would check with the Finale Knowledge Base (their web site, not the Help Guide) to see if there is a font update.

FYI, The Write Score site is currently down for maintenance if you would need to purchase a template package. Let us know if this solves the problem or if you have additional questions.
I did purchase the template, so that shouldn't be the issue. Most instruments seem to work OK, but the djembe doesn't. Should all the notes be shown as top line F?
I had forgot to select the map in the instrument list. I've since done that, but still the same issue. I've attached an image if that helps.

The sounds are appearing as they should be, mapped to the top of the staff, etc. Without a copy of the file in question, I'm thinking that notation is actually a font problem. Go to the Staff Tool, select Edit Staff Attributes, then look at the bottom left corner for Independent Elements and set Notehead Font to ";Maestro Percussion";. That should fix the issue.
I think that fixed it. Does this look correct?
That looks about right. You can check Staff Attributes for the layout to see which note heads have been assigned to which sound. Likewise, if you want to change the staff placement, it can be done there as well.
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