Install Issue with VDL Template 7.0a sib7


I have gone to my library/application support/avid/Sibelius 7 then created a sounds folder.
In that folder I have placed the VDL_soundset_7.0a.xml file as well as the S7S_soundset_7.1a.xml (and lite.xml)

I then went to a sib file and created a new configuration with two instances of kontakt 5 with the Vdl soundset and one instance of the s7s soundset. I've tried this using the given template vdl_template_7.0a(sib7).sib as well as a file that was written by my music writer. He has all the exact same products as me

Kontakt 5 works great and I use it with my midi keyboard and I have many sounds that play through kontakt fine

I get no sounds to work on sib.

Any thoughts? I have had a very tech savy person that uses  kontakt, Vdl, sib 7, main stage and logic look at it and recommend I ask here

What should I do
Btw I do have sib 7.1.3
Also, I do have Vdl 2.5.5 and when I open kontakt and open the snareline manual lite and press the keyboard, the sounds work fine!
I'm having a one way conversation... However, I figured out the Vdl sounds! Now I just need to figure out the s7s sounds
Hi Jcvjonathan,

Thought I'd join your conversation. :) Can you tell us what you did to get your sounds working? Usually it's just something in how you've configured the Sibelius file you're working on (assigning proper sound set, assigning proper VDL instruments), but other people may be able to benefit from your solution.

Also, it sounds like your library is installed and functioning correctly. Since this is more of a template-specific issue, you might also try going straight to the source at The Write Score since that's what they specialize in.

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