Finale 2012 w/ 2011 TWS template

I have just upgraded to Finale 2012 and have TWS 2011 template. I am still receiving the orange noteheads for unpitched percussion. Is this template compatible with Finale 2012 and VDL 2.5.5?
The 2011 templates were created prior to the release of VDL 2.5.5. So, to answer your basic question, the new instruments available in 2.5.5 will not be found in the 2011 templates.

As for the orange noteheads, I'll need more info to assist in solving the issue.
I'm assuming that the orange noteheads have something to do with the xml imports or what not. I have read people talking about it, but i'm not quite sure what to do.

A little history. I used VDL for quite a while up until ~2011. I have taken some time away from writing to finish school, and am ready to get back into it. I have noticed that Finale 2012 now has the ";score manager"; for the instrument list. It seems that most things work just like they used to for the most part, however when I ";select"; the percussion map, and pick VDL 2.5 Snareline for instance, that doesn't change any of the note positions on the staff. The sounds are correct, but every note is an orange notehead on the ";A"; line above the staff.

I also tried to purchase the 2012 Finale template from, but as you know, that's not an option right now :(
UPDATE: The notes do not only lie on the ";A"; line. They will appear on the line corresponding to the midi keyboard key that I press, but will always be orange note heads. Hope that helps.
There are 2 places to set up non-pitched percussion. Both are found in the Score Manager window. In the main section of the window, on the right side is the column for Percussion MIDI Maps. If you don't see it, then either extend the width of the window and/or check Custom View and Check Percussion MIDI Map to bring that column into view. The second is in the lower right section of the Score Manager. You should see buttons similar to what was found in the Staff Attributes window. Look for Notation > Percussion > Select and choose the Percussion Layout for the instrument you are assigning to that staff.

Regarding The Write Score web site and store, it has been redone. The site is back up and running and the store should be back online soon. In the mean time, I would suggest sending them an email asking about purchasing the 2012 template package.
Throughout this time, I have had the perc midi map set as VDL Snareline (which oddly enough I am not able to select from a list as it was just set already). When I go to the bottom of the Score Manager and hit ";select"; for percussion, I selected the VDL 2.5.2 Snareline percussion layout. It seems that everything is in place, however I still receive the orange noteheads on the line relative to the key that I pressed, even though the sounds work correctly.
I'm not seeing this behavior when using the 2011 templates with Finale 2012.

Something else to look at may be where the XML files have been placed or where Finale is looking to find them. Check the Library folder at both the root and user levels. The root level can be seen by opening the hard drive. At the user level it is hidden. To find it use the Go Menu from the desktop, select Go to Folder, and enter ";~/Library"; in the dialog box. If everything looks correct, use the 2011 template Read Me as reference, then check Finale's Preferences to see if they are pointing to the location you wish to use, root or user.

Would you also attach a copy of the file and a screen shot of the Finale folder containing the XML files. It will help me better understand what you are seeing when working.
It turns out that I did not have the XML's in the correct file location. Now I have somewhere for Finale to look through the midi map and all is well. Sorry for the silly question, I knew the answer was easier than it seemed. (I'll read the readme's more thoroughly from now on lol).

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