Kontakt went out of tune, had to change to 402 from 440

As the title says. I was having some issues with my non pitched percussion, so I decided to work on a front ensemble warmup. Everything was fine. I'm using Finale 2012/Kontakt 5 and loaded up a full pit into Kontakt player. I then used the 2nd bank with Aria player in order to get two sounds, Choir Ahhs and Ohhs. Everything was working just fine with no problems. I finished working on the piece one night, saved, and went to sleep. The next day when I turned it on in order to work on it, the playback was different. I have no idea what I could have done, but to keep a long story short, I had to go into the master tuner on Kontakt and change it from 440 to 402 in order for the VDL instruments to match the vocals.

Since this has happened, I am unable to make an mp3 that has the pitches aligned. I will hit play in Finale, and everything will sound fine (402). When I export to audio file, it gets funky and the VDL instruments will sound fine, but then the chorus sounds will be way out of tune. This is the opposite of what the original problem was. Either way, it is very very weird and I am wondering if this has happened to anybody else out there.
happening to me right now!!!

Do you have any more details about your configuration or the score in question? I'm wondering if you'd be willing to check to see if this happens in a fresh score with Kontakt only, then adding the Aria player. I don't know why this sort of thing would be happening, but my hunch is that there's something in the host file (the Finale score) that's sending a misleading playback message somewhere.

Another thing to try while troubleshooting would be to turn off Human Playback and see if that produces a different result.
after much use, and using different keyboards, I believe my main problem stems from my M-Audio 49 keyboard.  For some season everything seems 1/2 sharp.  When I use my nanoKEY2 keyboard OR Akai mini, everything is fine.  So I guess it's time to 100% lose the M-Audio.  Must be something with the pitch bend.
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