Feature request? Dampening ringing cymbals, gongs, etc. in live performance

Hi all,

I've been triggering some of the VDL sounds in live performance via a keyboard controller. I just got the Tapspace Newsletter which mentions a cool feature of the pedal-controlled vibes and chimes: ";Once you bring the pedal up, anything that's ringing will cut off";. That reminded me that I've been meaning to say that it'd be cool to expand that feature to other instruments; that is, if there were some similar ability (whether controlled by the sustain pedal or by other means) to stop the ringing of previously triggered cymbals, gongs, timpani, etc.

Presently I can take the volume to zero to achieve this dampening, but if I have to play again right afterwards, some residual ring will be heard when I bring the volume back up. So it would be great if there were some kind of global ";dampen all currently ringing notes"; MIDI message I could send to VDL. (Like ";All Notes Off";, but for notes that are continuing to ring after their Note Off messages, i.e. in the ";R"; part of their ADSR envelopes.)
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