Sounds On Midi Keyboard All Mixed Up

Hey guys,

So i just recently started using the keymaps PDF to see all the different sounds in my battery setup.  I noticed that a lot of the sounds (mainly in the bass line and cymbal line, but some in the snares and tenors too) are all mixed up.  For example, i read in the keymaps that a certain key should be a unison bass drum buzz roll but when i hit the key, it's a rim click or something totally different, and i find the correct sound a few keys down. Or sometimes i find the sound in a completely different octave.  It's VERY bad in the cymbals, almost none of the sounds are on the correct keys, as if they are shifted over a few keys.  How can i fix this?  Its not a super big deal, but it does get frustrating when i looking for a specific sound and cant find it.

Does this happen when you're using VDL (and your MIDI keyboard) in standalone mode?

My guess is that this might have something to do with how your template and Finale are communicating with your MIDI keyboard. This may be better known by the good folks at The Write Score.

Check to see if the keymap you are using as a reference is the same instrument loaded into the template. You will want to make certain that the percussion midi map (XML file), percussion layout, and the instrument loaded into Kontakt are all the same.

The Auto RL and Manual instruments have different mappings. The cymbal lines are all the same regardless of size. I would also check to make sure you have not loaded any of the Tapspace sounds which are included with Finale. These are limited in the number of sounds and may have different mappings.
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