Unable to select VDL from the dropdown menu in Sibelius 7 Playback

Hey all,

I searched but I didn't find anything about this.  I recently got Sibelius 7 and am anxious to get going with writing but when I go to load the VDL sounds in the playback window in Sibelius there is no drop down for me to select the VDL library.  I recently updated my library to 2.5.5 and did everything that I was supposed to during the upgrade but still no change.  I'm on a 17"; Macbook Pro running Mountain Lion.  Please notice in the attached photo the absence of a drop down arrow.  Thanks for the help.
I should have added that I am using the VDL Sibelius 7 template from The Write Score.
Which dropdown menu are you talking about? The playback configuration, or the sound set? In Sibelius 7, the sound set menu won't appear until you first click on it - almost like a double click.

Also - are you using the latest v7.1.3 maintenance update of Sibelius 7?  If not, it's possible it won't recognize Kontakt as a ";Kontakt"; type plugin. Updating your Sibelius should fix this.
It was the sound set menu.  But I got it now.  Not used to having to double click it!  It's working great, thanks!
Now I have another problem.  Two things actually.  When I attempt to input tenor notes it originally wasn't allowing me to use two of the drum samples.  When I pressed the correct key on my midi keyboard it would only play drum 2 or drum 4, no 1 or 3.  I looked in Kontakt and brought up the keyboard in there and it was skipping the keys on the keyboard even though I was pressing them on my regular midi keyboard.  I don't think it's a keyboard problem because the bass and snareline sounds work fine.  Right after that when I tried to adjust some things the sound of the quad line in my score is now basses.  The midi channels didn't change so I don't think it's that.  I am using the write score template but I don't know if it's the correct one (it is the Sibelius 7 one).  Help!
Exactly which sound set do you have applied? Please attach another screen shot of your Playback Configuration.
I won't be able to get a screen shot until tonight since I'm at work right now but I am using the VDL 2.5 sound set and it has been updated to 2.5.5.
If you are using VDL Template 7.0a, then you need to use the ";VDL SoundSet 7.0a"; sound set in your setup. That should take care of the tenor drums being mixed up (and other things you may or may not have experienced).
I don't have a ";VDL Soundset 7.0a"; in my soundset drop down box.  The only VDL I have listed is Virtual Drumline 2.5
This probably means you didn't place the sound sets (that came with your template) correctly. These are xml files that are specific to the template. You can read about how to do this in the instructions that came with the template package from The Write Score.
Thanks for all the replies guys.  Jim, I'll check into that.  I recently just got Sibelius back a year after my computer crashed and am having to remind myself of a lot of things that I could do pretty well with 6 now that I have 7 and this is one of them.  Again thanks for the replies!
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