Need help with midi mapping, still displays actual midi note (in orange)

I have all the recent upgrades (I think)...Finale 12c.r.13, VDL 2.5.5, NI Kontakt 5, TWS updated VDL template 2012a.1, running on a Macbook Pro v.10.9
I have until recently been using Finale 2010, VDL 2.5(.2) with no problems. I have only had these recent issues with Finale 11 & 12.

I have followed all the steps as far as installation and everything seems to be in order, sounds are there and everything plays back,
BUT my only issue so far is that when I input notes on the score, it displays the actual midi note (?), they're orange, and not on the staff position that is mapped...(i.e. snare R/L/R/L_shot-shot is on the F, A line above staff)

I've tried the score manager, Perc Midi Map, everything seems to be right but appears that I am missing a step or something...any help is greatly appreciated...Thank you!!!
You aren't having a similar problem. I would suggest becoming familiar with the Kontakt interface and working with midi channel assignments.

To view other instruments, click back (use the little up facing arrow in the upper left corner above the list of instruments as shown in your screen shot) until you reach the top level of the VDL library.

With regards to hearing other instruments loaded in to Kontakt, you'll need to add additional midi instrument tracks in Logic. I'm not a Logic user, but the steps are easily found by reading the manual and reviewing any tutorials.
I am having a similar problem.
When I try to load an instrument, only crotales and bells are showing.
Where is everything else, like snares tenors bass etc?
Glad to hear that some of it is now working. You didn't mention which OS and version of Finale you're running. That might help in finding the cause for the orange notes. One possible solution would be to trash your Finale preferences. Since you have mentioned reinstalling Finale, that preference file may have become corrupted.
so it seems I've got it worked out.  I was looking around for the support files from the Writescore which I did not get them all put back into their respective folders upon re installing everything.  Sometime with the instructions from them on installing and sometime away from my computer - swearing I'd checked that 10x, was what seem to get it back to ";normal";.

Now I still have orange notes in my score that I wrote yesterday, but as long as it's working, I will NOT complain!

thanks so much!!
First, I would review the Read Me file that came with the template package from The Write Score. This will help verify that all of the support documents are in the correct locations.

Second, the missing device message means that the template is looking for Kontakt 4 and can't find it in your system. Just set the device to Kontakt 5 and reload your instruments. This can be done through the Score Manager or the Audio/MIDI Menu.

The orange notes usually indicate that the XML files (Percussion MIDI Maps) selected don't match those selected for the Percussion Layouts. The Percussion MIDI Map column is on the far right side of the Score Manager in the top portion of the box. If you don't see it, look just below the top portion for the Customize button. This button will allow you to customize what you see in the top portion of the Score Manager.

Once these two items are correct, both the orange notes and the ";Custom #"; should disappear. Then you should see no orange notes and ";Note Name (Custom #)"; when entering notes.

Let  me know if this helps and if you have any other questions.
My annoyance this morning with Finale is great.  So I seem to be having the same problems here.  I made a quick video (with my phone no less) about what's happening. [url=][/url]

So I found my original templates of FIN12_VDL255_ENSEMBLE_Template.mus but when I open this, it says the device is missing cause I was using Kontakt 4 (now 5).  So I can't really test it I guess.  On my new score (& mentioned template), it only shows the notes as ";custom";.  no note names are happening.

Finale '12 was re downloaded from their site last week.  VDL 2.5.5 was re downloaded from this site this week.  The score was this Falls show that I saved as a new file cause all the maps were exactly what I needed to work with on my indoor show.

Orange notes....never seen these before.  Was curious about these.....

Help?  I can post more videos of anything you want to see. 

thank you!!


Again just wanted to say thank you so much for all your help in helping me figure out these issues. I know it took a great deal of time and I can't thank you enough for all your help, very much and deeply deeply appreciated!!!
Now I know I can call on someone who truly knows how to figure out what needs to be when these issues arise.

Thanks again, all the best...


...for anybody following this thread, Ted is the man!!!
[quote author=lee link=topic=4667.msg24076#msg24076 date=1384197031]

I do notice that when I hold down a key i.e. RH or even ping shot to input, that the note names do not show up,
it only shows the note name on what line the actual cursor is on when I click on the bar, if that made sense.


This makes sense and is how it should operate.

[quote author=lee link=topic=4667.msg24076#msg24076 date=1384197031]

As far as a corrupted file, I just bought and downloaded these FIN12_VDL255 files the other day, should I re-download them? Also not sure how to check to see if I could have inadvertently loaded a library incorrectly...or how to undo if I did.


There should be no need to download the files again. As far as loading a wrong library, what I was referring to was selecting a percussion midi map. If the folder containing the XML files also contains previous versions (say 2010 and/or 2011) you may be selecting one of those rather than the 2012 VDL 2.5.5 version. It is also possible that you are loading the percussion library file into the template. This would only have happened if you actually told Finale to Load Library and selected an older version. If this has occurred, then you would be seeing duplicate layouts when selecting then via the Notation button within the Score Manager. Or if you are opening an older template file.

I'm glad you know things to look for, feeling one step closer each time...thanks :)


At this point, I'm a bit stumped as to what is going on in the background to cause the notes to appear in this manner. It may be time for a skype call so I can see exactly what you are doing and the results. PM me with a good time to contact you. I'm in Ohio, so EST. I will be available Tuesday and early Wednesday. After noon on Wednesday, I'll be heading to Indy for PASIC.

Hi Ted,

I have opened a fresh file 2012a.1 in Finale 12, ensemble and battery with the same results.
I do notice that when I hold down a key i.e. RH or even ping shot to input, that the note names do not show up,
it only shows the note name on what line the actual cursor is on when I click on the bar, if that made sense.

As far as a corrupted file, I just bought and downloaded these FIN12_VDL255 files the other day, should I re-download them? Also not sure how to check to see if I could have inadvertently loaded a library incorrectly...or how to undo if I did.

I'm glad you know things to look for, feeling one step closer each time...thanks :)


I've looked over the file and I'm noticing a couple of quirky items. These tend to make me think that this file may be corrupted. But at the moment, I'm not certain.

I can enter notes into the file and things enter correctly. What is strange is that stems for some notes, specifically the RH pings are facing down. Staff Attributes is set to default when it should be set to stems up.

Scrolling through note names appears correct. Meaning I see things such as ";RH Hit (Custom #)";. The only time I see ";Custom #"; is when the selected Percussion MIDI Map (XML File) does not match the Percussion Layout. The Layouts are written into the specific template file. This means that the 2010 templates will have only the layouts included in the 2010 library file, 2011 templates only the layouts from the 2011 library file, etc. The only way to confuse of mix up the different layouts would be if someone loaded a different version of the library file onto the template file.

The Percussion MIDI Maps (XML Files) are more global, meaning any Finale file would see all available XML files found in the Application Support folder for that version of Finale. In other words, they are application specific, not file specific.

There is also one OS 10.9 specific issue with Finale versions 2012 and earlier related to preferences. This should not have any impact on the issues with which you struggling.

I want to take some time and examine the file using 10.8. This may provide some additional input for problem solving. In the mean time, would you take a couple of minutes and open a fresh copy of the ensemble and battery templates, do some quick note entry, and report back the results. Pay particular attention to how note names appear on the screen.
Hey everybody. I would just like to chime in here about this post. I have made similar postings about the same issue, which I resolved with the help of these forums. Lee has been a friend of mine for many years and he approached me about having this issue himself. After I had already gotten my Finale 2012 with VDL 2.5.5 working seamlessly, I figured I could help him out. Wrong! We have gone over the installation process numerous times, copying XML files, expressions, templates, etc, and still we get the orange notes. I'm very interested to see how this case gets resolved for two reasons. First, he's supposed to be writing battery notes for an indoor line that I'm a part of! ;-) Also, I just want to know what the heck the problem is. We've been trying to get this figured out for a long time now and I look forward to seeing it concluded! :-)

Yeah I did all of that...I copied everything that needed to be copied and made identical...library to library, templates, xml's, perc libraries, and still nothing.

If you wish, you may only install the templates created for the specific versions of Finale within those Finale folders. Meaning, in the Finale 2010 folder, you would only see the 2010 templates, in Finale 2011 only the 2011 templates, and in Finale 2012 only the 2012 templates. You can, again if you wish, include the 2010 templates with both Finale 2011 and 12. And the 2011 templates with Finale 2012. Finale will recognize them as files created by an older version of Finale. What you can't do is open the 2012 templates within either Finale 2011 or 2010.

To better answer your questions, all of the items found in the Finale 201x folder within the common library should be found in the Finale 201x user library. I've got the feeling that you copied only the .mus template files. Make sure that the XML files and the Percussion Library file are copied over as well.

Found it...all the templates are copied and pasted in their respective folders to be identical.
Still coming up the same though when I input.

Just a few questions to make sure I'm on the right path...

Am I to make identical the template package in each of the Music Files>Templates folders?
Or from the Application Support>MakeMusic>Finale 2012 folders on?
Or make identical the entire Library to Library folders?
Should I remove any of the older TWS templates and just have the 2.5.5?

Thanks again man, really appreciate your help!!
Let's check one last thing. Beginning with Finale 2011, only the application icon is visible in the application folder. Also, all of the folders for storing files such as the templates, xml, and library files are in 2 locations. The first is at the root (common) level, found by going Library > Application Support > MakeMusic > Finale 2011/12. The second location is in User folder, same structure, >Library > Application Support > MakeMusic > etc. Somewhere around Mac OS 10.7, Apple hid this User Library folder. To find it, use the Go Menu > Go To Folder and in the text box type '~/Library'. This will take you to that User Library folder. Now, with the User Library and the common Library folders both open, check to see if the all of the files from TWS template package are found in both places. If not, copy/paste so that they look identical.

Let me know if that solves the problem. For anyone following this thread or if anyone has other problems, I will be hanging around the TapSpace booth next week at PASIC 2013 in Indianapolis.
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