Need help with midi mapping, still displays actual midi note (in orange)

I have all the recent upgrades (I think)...Finale 12c.r.13, VDL 2.5.5, NI Kontakt 5, TWS updated VDL template 2012a.1, running on a Macbook Pro v.10.9
I have until recently been using Finale 2010, VDL 2.5(.2) with no problems. I have only had these recent issues with Finale 11 & 12.

I have followed all the steps as far as installation and everything seems to be in order, sounds are there and everything plays back,
BUT my only issue so far is that when I input notes on the score, it displays the actual midi note (?), they're orange, and not on the staff position that is mapped...(i.e. snare R/L/R/L_shot-shot is on the F, A line above staff)

I've tried the score manager, Perc Midi Map, everything seems to be right but appears that I am missing a step or something...any help is greatly appreciated...Thank you!!!

Never had an issue when I was working in Finale 10, only since the switch over to 11 & 12

Right now I am using the most updated TWS FIN_VDL template 2012a.1 ,
I also have tried with the older VDL template, I can still work in Finale 10, but no such luck with 11/12.
Would like to get updated with Finale 12 and the VDL 2.5.5

I've never been this stumped. I know that with these newer versions of Finale they have moved a number of things around.

What would be the best way to get the perc midi maps/perc layouts to share the love?
If you're seeing a combination of sound names and  some identified only as custom #, then the problem is between the percussion midi maps and the percussion layouts. They aren't looking at the same instruments.

By any chance, are you using an older template or file? Also, does this happen with a new file?

Simple Entry, when I drag across the bar I get names of various sounds and some Custom #'s
Speedy Entry, up/down arrows also gives me numerous various sounds and some Custom #'s
It sounds as if everything is in the correct place and you've selected the correct items. Just out of curiousity, if you select the Simple Entry Tool and drag the cursor over the top of a snare measure, do you see the names of various sounds? Or, does it just say 'Custom #'? Using Speedy Entry, you can click on a measure and use the Up/Down arrows to navigate through the list of available sounds. Does this happen as I've described?

Hi Ted,

Thanks for your quick response. So far, I see and have all of that. In the score manager I have the perc midi map column, notation>percussion button all intact. When I hit settings and the perc layout selection pops up everything is VDL 2.5, (minus a couple 2.5.5 i.e. Bassline 10 drum, and some concert bass drum/snare)

This is what pops up when I click these...

Perc Midi Map>Snareline Manual>FIN12_VDL255 Battery>Snareline Manual

Notation Style>Percussion>Settings>Percussion Layout Selection>VDL 2.5 Snareline Manual Full/Lite (MW)

Does that sound correct so far, or am I still missing something?
Was also like this before I updated to 2.5.5
All the sounds are correct, just not showing up mapped correctly on staff.

The most common reason for this happening is when the assigned percussion midi map is different from the assigned percussion layout.

In the Score Manager, the layouts are found in the lower right corner as a pull down menu for the notation > percussion button. The MIDI maps are found on the right side of the main Score Manager window. If you don't see a column for percussion midi maps, then check below the main window for the custom button to add that column to what you are able to view.
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