Just Installed, says files are missing when loading instruments

I just bought VDL 2.5, installed and registered it.

When I try to load an instrument into kontakt it says that there are about 100 wav files that are missing for each instrument.

Do I have a faulty install or am I missing a key step?  The VDL folder that was installed on my computer is definitely smaller than the 4 to 5 gigs required on the software box.  I tried a reinstall and experienced the same results.

Glad to hear it epetro!
The .nkx files hadn't transferred over, I have it working now.

Thanks Jim
Here's an older FAQ that addresses this topic.

You may not have placed the three large .nkx files correctly. If you bought a 2.5.5 update, be sure to review the installation instructions to verify your library folder is complete and all the right items are there.

It may help to see a screenshot of your ";Virtual Drumline 2.5"; library folder and someone here might be able to verify if it's complete or not.

You can also fill out a support ticket if you're continuing to have installation trouble.
Yeah, I downloaded kontakt 5 and still am encountering the same problem.
VDL 255 will only run on Kontakt Player 4 or 5.  It won't run on KP 2.  Are you using KP4 or 5?
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