VDL Instruments not playing back

I have recently upgraded to 2.5.5 library. I'm running Sibelius 6 and Kontakt 4. I'm having a hard time getting instruments to load. I created an instrument map and selected which sounds I want. The only sound I get is a tom, instead of all the different instruments I have mapped out. What am I doing wrong?
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Hmm. I'm not sure. This sounds like a question that's more specific to Sibelius and its percussion mapping features than VDL itself. Their ";soundworld"; feature is pretty robust, but can also be a bit finicky if the ";sound IDs"; you assign in the instrument map don't match exactly that of the instrument within ";sound set."; And if you take a peek at that sound set, you'll see why. It's a massive XML file due to the sheer number of instruments and different articulations within VDL. As I understand it, this built-in sound set (which you have assigned) does have some bugs. That's Avid's VDL sound set that ships with Sibelius.

What a lot of people do to gain full reliability (and not have to build their own instrument maps or tweak sound set xml files) is to use a template from [url=http://www.thewritescore.com]The Write Score[/url]. They've gone to extensive lengths to make sure the VDL/Sibelius/Finale integration is [i]rock solid[/i]. If you decide to go that route, they'll give you a discount for being referred by Tapspace if you use the coupon code: TAPSPACE10.

If you don't want to go that route, you may need to dig a little deeper into the Sibelius reference resources, focusing on sound sets, soundworld, and editing unpitched percussion staff types. The Avid support people may have some suggestions as well.
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