What Do These Mean? And How Do I Fix Them?

I'm not sure if this is a question for you guys or for Finale themselves, but i figured i'd ask just in case.  Sometimes when i open finale two messages pop up one right after the other.  They also pop up again when i want to add staves that aren't apart of the VDL templates.  Like for example, if i try to add a trumpet staff to the score it will pop up. (see attached picture)
When you installed Finale, did you also do the Garrritan installer? It is a separate installer that begins after Finale has completed. If you are unsure, run the Finale installer again, but use the Customize button and only check the Garritan installer. Then make sure you have the latest version of the Aria player. Essentially, that is what the 2 messages are telling you. Finale can't find the Aria player and the Aria VST plugin.
That fixed the problem perfectly! Thank you!
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