Note names on the staff printed?

I was wondering if it was possible to get the note names per staff (using the Writescore templates) to print on the score once you input a note?  Say for a Cymbal line.  As there are so many different playing techniques that correspond to the symbols printing, and you see them while you hover your mouse, but then to convey to my players what exactly each notes is supposed to be, I'd need to use the text tool and write it in as they disappear when I enter my next note.  Can this be done automatically?


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Try entering the directions for the desired cymbal technique via ";Lyrics"; below the staff.
Do this the same as you would for ";stickings";.

Using the lyrics tool would work, as would creating text expressions. Text expressions could be placed above or below the staff making placement possibly easier. Another solution is to create a key map showing the different note heads and the corresponding sound/techniques.
Tried to be a bit clearer in what I'm asking for on this little video.


Thanks for the video. That is what I thought you were wanting to accomplish. Those note types which you see when entering notes are for display only, to the best of my knowledge.

The simplest solution would be to create a key map or notation guide, just as you might for snare, tenor or bass. To do this, open a new battery template, hide bar lines and stems, then enter only those sounds used within the score. Below each note enter in the technique name using the lyric tool. I prefer to use text expressions for this because the text can be placed anywhere and is easier to handle and format.

This does give me an idea of something to add to a future version of the templates.
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