Transferring VDL/KP2/NI from PC Laptop to MacIntosh OSX Mavericks

Hello all-

I recently purchased a new MacBook Pro, 16 GB, Intel Core i7, running Mavericks; I would assume plenty of tech specs to support VDL, KP4, Sibelius, and then some...

I successfully transferred data from my PC laptop to this MacBook and unregistered/Registered all my Sib, VDL, KP4, and NI information; including successful Custom Installation for VDL/NI/KP4. My Demystified DVD unfortunately can't be used on the new laptop and has been rather glitchy when I play it in other DVD programs - I tried using this DVD to help answer my questions.

My long question:
When I open Sibelius and try to use VDL I receive a message telling me, ";Sound Samples Missing";, and all the typical protocols show up for where I can search and how I can search for the samples. I'm pretty lost when it comes to what I need in order to find these new files; I tried downloading the updates from the ";tapspace update"; page but am still struggling to get the samples to show up. Here's what I do know about what I'm running - maybe someone can help:

VDL 2.5
Sound Library 2.5
KP4 4.2.4.
2013 MacBook Pro
Sibelius 6.2

I remember that my setup for my previous computer was rather thorough and the demystified dvd helped me tremendously - now, the overwhelming feeling of a new format and transferring all my products has been rather frustrating - especially with having just this one problem. It seems most, if not all, of my sound samples are not found and I only see one .nkx file in my Tapspace folder - I thought having that in the folder would help like the update page said.

Thank you for your help


Hi Joe,
Have you tried using VLC player to play your dvd files?
Also, if I'm not mistaken you can just copy your large .nkx files over from
your previous install if you don't have access to a dvd player, assuming the files are there and complete.
The update that Murray was talking about is only $15.00 I think so not a bad option and you can buy it as a download.
hope this helps,
Hi Joe,

It definitely sounds like VDL is not installed correctly. If I were you I would delete your entire Virtual Drumline 2.5 folder and do a fresh install.

IMPORTANT: Since you are on a new Mac, the installer that came on the original VDL DVD will be outdated. You will need the patch installer found here:

Be sure and follow the instructions very carefully. Note that you will still need your original VDL DVD in order to transfer the large .nkx files.

Alternately, you can purchase the 2.5.5 update ([url=][/url]) which has a newer installation method along with other bells and whistles. You'll still need the original DVD for the large .nkx files.

If your computer does not have a DVD drive, then you will have to figure out how to get the DVD files onto it. I've heard that these drive-less computers have a way of borrowing another computer's drive, but that's something you'll have to consult your computer's documentation about.

Hope this helps!

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