Hello forum,
How do I play flams in the snare or tenor samples please?
From listening to the samples it sounds like I have to use primary strokes
and then adjust velocity to create grace notes. Is there a better way?
It would be cool if there were a flam sample that I could trigger by hitting one key,
instead of having to worry about playing them into my daw properly and then messing with
velocity settings.
Any ideas please?
Flams are a timing issue rather than one of velocity. You'll need to adjust your midi timing, allowing for the flam to be as open or as tight as you wish. Then you would adjust the velocity within Logic.

Understand that Logic is an audio program. If you're goal is to print, you will need a notation program for better control. I realize Logic has notation capabilities, but coordinating those with VDL to create printable scores is extremely time consuming. Even setting up a notation program such as Finale or Sibelius is time intensive. That's why there are templates available for purchase, saving you that set up time. For more info on templates, visit thewritescore.com.
Thanks for the response. I don't understand the midi timing thing in relation to Logic.  I imagine people write in finale and it triggers corresponding sounds in VDL and that might be what you are talking about with the midi timing thing? I am playing the flams in manually and then adjusting the interp. in the midi editor in Logic as well as the velocity in the hyper editor. It's working fine, just a bit time consuming but I guess I'll get faster at it. I was hoping to find a faster method of input.
    I have been using Finale since the 90's but not using it with VDL. Right now I do all the sounds in Logic and then write the score in Finale.
Thanks again.
Personally, I think you're working backwards if the end product is to be notation. Finale and VDL work well with each other. Again though, using a template with all of the details such as mapping of sounds, noteheads, tools for instrument and implement changes  are all configured. Go here www.thewritescore.com and find out more. 
Ok thanks,
I'm not actually interested in scoring what I am working on right now. I am revisiting some old
arrangements and putting VDL drum parts to them. I like working in Logic
because my focus is to add modern synth sounds etc. and mix and master an audio performance
to add to my website. I will have a look at the link as I am curious and interested for future projects.
Do you input notation in finale and hit play and the notation triggers sounds in VDL? Are all the expressions, dynamics etc. good? I would be interested if the audio performance created by the notation was properly
realized and sounded great. It's hard to play in parts on a keyboard and then go in and adjust all the velocities
to get even heights, accents, taps etc��_. like I said, very time consuming.
Playback in Finale or Sibelius is very good when using VDL. Using a dedicated DAW such as Logic or Digital Performer allows for more detailed tweeking, especially when mixing and mastering. Additionally, you can add synths to a Finale score. Once the notation is complete, export either a midi or audio file to your DAW of choice and complete the mastering and mixing.
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