Ending Note of Gliss

How do I get the a gliss on xylo to end on the note that I have selected? I have the initial note being a C and the terminating note being an F up an octave. The gliss at the moment sounds like it is only going up an octave from the starting note.
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All the xylo glisses in VDL (ascending and defending) were recorded so that the [i]ending[/i] note matches that of the mapped note on your midi keyboard.

If you're looking to control these via notation program, it may depend on what program you're using. Sometimes people don't notate the starting note of the gliss. Other times, they do. That may depend on the context. In either case, the recorded glisses in VDL won't give you a definitive starting note. If you do want that starting note to appear, I'd start by making it an inaudible note.

Also, it's worth noting that the ";glissed"; notes will occur as soon as the midi event is triggered. In a live music setting, these glissed notes usually occur BEFORE the beat of the release note, thus requiring the MIDI event to be pushed a little to the left. The method for moving the attack over so the release ends on the beat will depend on the functionality of the host program you're using, so you may want to check the documentation there.
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