Wrong Sounds in Playback

Not sure what triggered this, but seemingly out of the blue various instruments in my score began playing incorrect sounds.  For example, snareline manual plays marching cymbal sounds, bassline10 plays snareline sounds, rack combos play midi/Sibelius Sounds, etc.  I tried to play around with this in the mixer, but had no success.  I have attached screens of both my playback configuration and mixer board.

Thanks in advance.
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I'm not sure, Jack. This might be a question for the folks at [url=http://www.thewritescore.com]The Write Score[/url], since it looks like you're using one of their sound sets. I've heard of Sibelius 7 sometimes being a little finicky if you start manually adjusting things in the mixer. You may want to double-check that all the devices are set to ";(auto)"; but that's more of a Sibelius topic rather than VDL. Maybe check to see if there's more info via [url=http://www.avid.com]Avid[/url].
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